Why Now?

I’ve decided to launch a blog. I have attempted and failed to maintain a blog multiple times. So why am I attempting this whole process all over again? Well, that’s a good question. The answer is one that will require a bit of history. Some folks reading this will have a decent idea of what I’m up to. Several, however, haven’t seen me in many years. So let’s back up a few years and catch everyone up.


See the beautiful gal above, that’s my now wife Hannah. We’re approaching three years of marriage and she’s the absolute best. Hannah and I met in college (her brother and I were roommates and we were friends). Somehow I convinced her to marry a goober like me. Back when I first asked her to marry me I told her my crazy idea, that I wanted to plant a church. I had felt God calling me toward this weighty responsibility. I still can’t believe she agreed to follow me on this journey. We both realized that we were young  and wide-eyed, that we needed to grow, that’s what lead us to Karis.


God has been so gracious to us in bringing us to Karis. Hannah and I both served at Karis as interns. Hannah did a summer internship, I signed on for the two year plan. It was in this time that I proposed and we got married. I lead one of our churches Missional Communities (our small groups) on the University of Missouri’s campus for a little over two years. It’s been an incredible season, one full of ups and downs. One that has stretched me, shown me how immature and in need of grace I am. It was also in this season of life that God put a place on our hearts for our future.


When I left my home in North Carolina to go to college in Missouri, I was fairly convinced I’d never return. As much as I love my home state, I just didn’t believe that’s where I was suppose to be. I had visions of grandeur. There were different, bigger places I wanted to go. So when I felt the call to plant, I was lovingly encouraged to worry less about a place and work on my character and competencies first. As my internship at Karis was coming to a close I began to formulate a plan. We were going to do a five city tour. I had it mapped out, folks we would contact in each place, timeline, budget. I had a proposal pretty much ready to go. That’s when I had this crazy idea creep into my head…what about home? I grew up 45 minutes away from a town called Asheville. Asheville was where I went for concerts, record stores, hiking, really just fun in general. It was a city I have always had an affection for, a city I wanted to see thrive. I recounted visiting with my wife a few years prior to this moment and thinking, “Man, someone should plant a church here.” This idea set in my head and wouldn’t leave. After looking up Asheville online, seeing many old friends living in the city, I decided what the heck I’ll “pray about it.” I remember thinking maybe I just need to pray that God would send someone there. But I also remember praying, “God, if you want me to, I’ll go.” I had done myself in. The five city tour now seemed completely unappealing. I felt in my heart God wanted me to go to Asheville. I approached my wife and she was incredible. She listened to my thoughts on Asheville and why I felt God wanted us there. I explained the needs of the city, how we might fit. She thought for a moment looked at me and said, “I love you. Let’s move there, let’s love the city and let’s have babies.”


Since that moment (which was almost two years ago…wow) we have been testing that call. We approached our Pastors about it. We have visited Asheville multiple times. We have talked with folks who are doing incredible gospel work in the city. We are looking forward to moving there and seeing how God might use us. We are still a ways off however. After investigating, Hannah and I both felt we need to utilize our community here in Columbia and continue to be grown and challenged. God has done so much in our life but that doesn’t mean we have it figured it out…by no means.

I have entered into a residency with Karis focused on Church planting. We are so grateful to Karis. While we are eager to get to Asheville, we are not eager to leave our community. We have been so blessed and encouraged by this amazing Church here in Columbia, MO.

So, now I need to answer the question, “Why blog?” Well, we want to invite you on this journey with us. Hannah and I want to use this space to inform and encourage. We want to share what we have been wrestling with, what God is doing in us, and where we believe He is taking us. We hope you will enjoy the content we produce and hopefully pray for us as we pray for you.

Thanks for reading, grace and peace.

Billy and Hannah Glosson



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