On True/False

(Above: My favorite buskers this year: River Kittens. Their new album drops soon.) True/False has come and gone (for more on True/False Film Festival and what it is and why I enjoy it check out my last blog post here). Over the weekend I saw 6 short films (30 min or less) and 15 feature … More On True/False

On Film…

“Creativity is not a self-contained thing. Creativity is not an end unto itself. Creativity radiates.” My pastor and friend Aarik Danielsen wrote that statement in his recent article, “The True/False effect.” My city is a buzz this week. Art installations are going in, flyers are being passed about, it’s True/False week. True/False is an annual … More On Film…

“Generosity Crisis” An Excerpt From: Jesus Outside The Lines

My pastor Kevin Larson recommended reading Scott Sauls’ book, “Jesus Outside The Lines.” So far it has been nothing but an awesome and challenging read. Today I was deeply convicted and encouraged concerning the way I view money and giving. I wanted to share an excerpt that I hope you find as stirring and freeing as … More “Generosity Crisis” An Excerpt From: Jesus Outside The Lines

Why Now?

I’ve decided to launch a blog. I have attempted and failed to maintain a blog multiple times. So why am I attempting this whole process all over again? Well, that’s a good question. The answer is one that will require a bit of history. Some folks reading this will have a decent idea of what … More Why Now?