Our Story – On to North Carolina

We are moving to Morganton, NC, in mid-2018 in order to be faithful to God’s call on our life to plant a new Christ-centered church for a city that we love.

In 2011, we became part of Karis Church in Columbia to receive additional ministry training, and God kept us in Columbia longer than we expected. We have spent six incredible years growing and maturing as a family, building lifelong friendships, and serving in ministry leadership at Karis Church.

At Karis, I have had the the privilege of serving as a pastor for a great family of believers during a season of incredible growth and fruitfulness. It had been an amazing opportunity to learn, grow and serve in such a healthy, life-giving church. It truly has been a family and a home. These have been the best years of our life.

At the beginning of 2014, though, we began to sense the Lord was inviting us to a new season of life. We felt that it was time for a “coming home” to our truest gifts and calling, but also the time to come home geographically. We had the strong sense it was time to head back to the state where I grew up, where we are known, and where we can plant ourselves for the second half of our lives.

Our hearts have grown more and more for Western North Carolina. We have patiently and persistently pursued growth in character and competencies as we approach planting in NC. We received immediate support from Karis’ pastors and members. We have friends who have committed to join our mission as well.

Our hope is to plant our family and our team in neighborhoods where we can maintain a faithful presence. We will take jobs where we can build relationships with the unchurched. We will open our homes to students, to skeptics, and to the marginalized. We will take the long view and grow this new church through hours of evangelistic conversation and hours upon hours of Discipleship.

We are confident that God is going before us, making a way for this new work. As he has done centuries before us, he is gathering a people for himself, for his glory and for the good of his people. We are joyfully submitting to his work here, and we are happy to be joined by a great team and support system for this new season of life and ministry.

We need your prayer and financial support!

Support us financially : here

Read about Morganton: here

Read about our Church Name: here


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